lunes, abril 08, 2024

Batgirl (QMx Street Wise)

In QMx I had the opportunity to explore new variants for some characters. In this case I really enjoyed making this Batgirl, interpreted as an otaku fan girl of the Bat. This collection of figures reinterpreted some iconic characters from Marvel and DC comics but with an urban redesign. At the moment here you have this one but I will upload more designs :)

lunes, abril 01, 2024


Without a doubt one of the best things about the three years I was designing for QMx was working with amazing characters like Batman. For both myself and Andy Gore this was one of the best characters in the world, and we always enjoyed coming up with new ideas for figures that were very much appreciated by the creative department at DC Comics. These are some designs that we created but didn’t make it to the sculpting or merchandising stage. Thanks Andy for this incredible opportunity.

lunes, mayo 22, 2023

Nuevo sello de ES CINE ESPAÑOL, por Mr. Klaus Studio

Diseño y Postproducción: SalBa Combé
Color: Dune Blanco y SalBa Combé
Animación: Raúl (MadPlane) Echegaray
Diseño de sonido: Mario A. Morellón

jueves, marzo 09, 2023

sábado, mayo 16, 2020

viernes, marzo 24, 2017

lunes, marzo 20, 2017

Spending Days with Mr. Cthulhu (Teaser)

Hi, after a long time without posting anything. Here I leave the trailer for an animation series project that I did last year with my colleagues from Mr. Klaus Studio. Little by little I will post some  artistic development processes. I hope you like it and see you :)


sábado, marzo 18, 2017

miércoles, noviembre 05, 2014


This is my little tribute to the Dragon Ball 30th anniversary exhibition in the Q Pop gallery from LA. I've always been a fan of this manga and the Akira Toriyama´s works, so I really enjoyed doing this illustration. I Hope you like

jueves, agosto 21, 2014


Hey! Buenas. Aquí dejo mi última obra para la exposición "8 Bits & Beyond" de la Bottleneck Gallery de NY. Es un homenaje a las consolas de 8 bits de mi infancia y a los primeros juegos RPG que tan buenos ratos me dieron :) Y aquí abajo, en la esquina, dejo una versión para ver con gafas 3D blue&red, de esas estereoscópicas de los '80. Así es aún más retro :) Un abrazo y espero que os guste.
Hey there! Here you have my contribution to the "8 Bits & Beyond" expo at the Bottleneck Gallery in NY. It´s a tribute to the 8 bits videogames I used to play during my childhood. And below you have a 3D version ...If you wanna feel the experience go get a pair of blue&red stereoscopic glasses...Even more vintage!! Big hugs and hope you like it!!!

miércoles, julio 02, 2014

CIRA (Dos espadas). Homenaje ar Kenny

Hacía tiempo que tenía ganas de hacer una Cira del comic "Dos Espadas" de mi colega Kenny Ruiz. Y aunque se que él nunca me lo pediría aquí tiene uno con todo mi cariño. Un abrazo y espero que os mole :)

lunes, junio 16, 2014

Dexter´s Laboratory!!

The great Chogrin recently invited me to participate in the exhibition "Hanna Barbera to Cartoon Network." And this is my small contribution with my Dexter's Laboratory Hope you like it.
El gran Chogrin me invitó hace poco a participar en la exposición "Hanna Barbera to Cartoon Network". Y esta es mi pequeña aportación con mi Dexter´s Laboratory Espero que os guste.

lunes, noviembre 25, 2013


Greetings to the few bloggers who were in the world. A few days ago was the 15th anniversary of the creation of the Powerpuff Girls. For this reason, some friends and me have done this remake of PPG opennig serie . This is part of an online exhibition you can see clicking here.
I hope you like and enjoy whith this tribute. See you soon
Un saludo a los pocos bloggers que quedamos en el mundo. Hace unos días fue el 15 aniversario de la creación de las Powerpuff Girls. Por ese motivo, unos amigos y yo nosotros hemos hecho este remake del opennig de la serie que tantas alegrías nos dió. Esto forma parte de una exposición online que podeis pinchando aquí. Espero que disfruteis con este pequeño homenaje. Un saludo y hasta pronto ;)